Our Projects:

Digital marketing sales system

Are you a business owner and want to increase your sales and profits? Follow our 3-step online sales system.

Production of a video ad

We create for you authentically created video ad that systematically delivers your clear message to targeted viewers. We use the video as part of a Facebook ad. The video is supported with subtitles so the viewers can also read it.

Digital sales system

We specialize in building of digital marketing system that brings you more leads. It is setup of Google, Facebook and Instagram ads that throw out a telephone contacts of your potential clients. The ads consists of a video and a written text.

Sales sufficiency

We consult with you of how to effectively convert your newly generated leads into sales and qualify them if they have a problem that you solve.

Your success is our duty!

recorded video ads
designed sales systems
business partners
satisfied clients

How does our online sales system work?

Welcome, my name is Primoz Lazar and I am the founder of Business Success Leap Agency. We operate internationally and work with businesses accross all US, Europe and Australia.
The decision to develop a system

I never knew the idea of how to make the ideal clients come to me, instead I needed to call them and meet with them locally. I loved the idea and decided to develop an online system that allows the potential clients come to you!

How does the system work?

We setup a Facebook ad that consists of a video ad and well written text copy that allows the viewer to press button APPLY NOW and with that leave you their phone number that you can use to call them and sell your services.

Customers are on your door

Now when you have their phone contact you can call them and because the ad already pre-qualified them it’s much easier for you to convert them into an actual sale. 

Do you own a local business and want to increase brand awareness, improve business performance and increase sales?

I am inviting you to have a phone call with me to find out the options of how can we collaborate and brainstorm a great strategy for expansion.

Contact +386 31 736 146 - Primoz Lazar for direct consultation.